Kenosha County Representatives


District 1      William Grady   262-654-5340  EMAIL 

District 2      Terry Rose   262-658-8006  EMAIL 

District 3      Jeffrey Gentz   262-945-8500  EMAIL 

District 4      Laura Belsky   262-705-5722   EMAIL

District 5      David Celebre   262-652-2150   EMAIL

District 6      Edward Kubicki   262-656-0361   EMAIL

District 7      Daniel Gaschke   262-902-7028   EMAIL

District 8      Zach Rodriguez   262-914-6178   EMAIL 

District 9       John J. O’Day   262-942-4100, 262-945-1323   EMAIL 

District 10      Andy Berg   262-705-9808   EMAIL

District 11      Zach Stock  262-373-9139   EMAIL

District 12      Gabe Nudo  262-620-2574   EMAIL

District 13      John Franco  262-857-6772   EMAIL

District 14      Tim Stocker  262-652-1312   EMAIL

District 15      Dave Geertsen  262-515-3334   EMAIL

District 16      Amanda Nedweski  262-496-1223   EMAIL

District 17       Monica Yuhas  262-469-3914   EMAIL

District 18      Jeff Wamboldt   262-705-7434   EMAIL

District 19      Brian Bashaw  847-682-0850   EMAIL

District 20      John Poole  262-945-4502   EMAIL

District 21      Mark Nordigian   262-705-2347   EMAIL

District 22      Erin Decker  262-885-6133   EMAIL

District 23      Aaron Karow  262-620-8363   EMAIL



Responsible for

  • Handles most administrative and management functions of the county government
  • Prepares annual county budget; Fall
    • Presented to the Kenosha County Board of Supervisors 
    • Consists of road construction/maintenance, E-911, law enforcement, fire & emergency management, county parks and golf course, and other county operations.
  • Appoints & supervises county department heads
  • Appoints the non-elected members to all boards & commissions
    • All are subject to confirmation by the county board
  • Keep the community moving forward
    • Grow the economy
    • Attract new, well-paying jobs
    • “Providing top-notch services to the citizens of Kenosha County.”
    • Destination for tourists

More Info

Phone  262.653.2600

Fax  262.653.2817


Office 1010 56th St. Kenosha, WI 53140

Chief of Staff  Tami Rongstad   262.653.2831



Responsible for

  • Manage & coordinate the general business & financial operations of the Kenosha County Circuit Court
  • Plan budgets
  • Case management & event tracking
  • Collection of case related fees, fines, & forfeitures
  • Courtroom operation support
  • Facility planning
  • Jury management
  • Records management

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Phone  262.653.2664

Office  912 56th st. Kenosha County Courthouse, Kenosha WI 53140

Pre-trial Facility/Intake Court   927 54th St. Kenosha, WI 53140

County Clerk


Responsible for

  • Continue to conduct all federal, state, and countywide elections in an efficient manner.
  • Continue to have auctions of tax-deeded properties and return them to the tax rolls.
  • Continue to provide quality services to the public.
  • Continue to serve the County Board of Supervisors

This job is the most complicated position in Wisconsin’s local government.

The County Clerk is the official recorder keeper of the county.

More Info

Phone  262.653.2552

Fax  262-653-2552


Office  1010 56th St. Kenosha, WI 53140

Staff  Sherri Stocker   262.653.2420

Denise Ewing   262.653.2455



Responsible for

  • Continue the process to improve & refine the office’s computer functions.
  • Constantly study & monitor county investments and banking functions to achieve maximum efficiency & return.
  • Customer service at its finest to Kenosha county residents.
  • Use county funds responsibly to select top priority investments.
  • Work with state legislators on tax-related matters to assure resolutions in the best interest of Kenosha County.
  • Work with WI Department of Revenue to assure the implementation of the most effective and efficient methods of administering state prescribed programs.
  • Improve office functions to provide excellence in customer service to both internal & external customers.

More Info

Phone 262.653.2542

Fax 262.653.2564


Office  1010 56th St. Kenosha, WI 53140



Responsible for

  • Files, records, & issues instruments & documents of significance both to the community as a whole and to its individual citizens.
  • Information distributions & requests such as
    • Vital records documenting the span of our lives from birth to death
    • Land records documenting title to real property in Kenosha county

More Info

Phone  262.653.2444


Office  1010 56th St., Kenosha, WI 53140

Staff  Jennifer Mack   262.653.2751



Responsible for

  • Uphold the rule of law, vigorously prosecute criminals, & seek justice for victims of crime.
  • Constitutional Officer
  • Aggressively & fairly prosecute those who violate the laws of Kenosha County and the State of WI.
    • Criminal offenses 
    • Juvenile delinquency
    • CHIPS cases
    • Traffic Violations
    • County ordinance 
    • DNR cases 
  • Special Attention to crimes of 
    • Sensitive crimes: child abuse & sexual assault crimes 
    • Violent crimes and habitual (career) criminals
    • Drug Dealers: especially those who traffic commercially in a large number *should be “what the law says the number of controlled substances
    • Domestic violence abuse case 
    • Juvenile delinquencies, children in need of protective supervision (CHIPS), & termination of parental rights (TPR) cases where appropriate

More Info

Phone 262.653.2400


Office 912 56th St., Molinaro Building, Kenosha, WI 53140

Staff  Angelina Gabriele

Heather Beasy



Responsible for

  • To serve the public faithfully while conducting our daily duties

More Info

Phone  262.605.5100

Office 1000 55th St. Kenosha, WI 53140

Staff  Chief Deputy Sheriff  Marc Levin  262.605.5100

Michelle Battellini  262.605.5173

Kathy Kemen  262.605.5172

Captain  Bill Beth  262.605.5100

Jasleen Kaur  262.605.5100

Sherry McKeever  262-605-7900

Horace Staples  262-605-7903