It’s time to empower and engage Black Americans and their communities in the way they live, work, and learn so they are able to achieve total excellence.

We are here, we are in motion!

Tanya Mclean




Our Vision

To empower and engage Black Americans and their communities in the way they live, work, and learn so they have every opportunity to achieve total excellence as they see it.


Our Beliefs

The community always comes first. Therefore, building strong relationships in the community is vital to our work. We empower and uplift our voices through working together, supporting one another, and maintaining full transparency. We use our collective power to hold decision-makers accountable and to transform our systems into ones that work for us and not against us.


Our Mission

Leaders of Kenosha (LOK) is a conduit for social, transformative, and restorative justice. We work to ensure equitable access to resources and opportunities in Kenosha and throughout Wisconsin and the United States. We do this through empowering underrepresented and underserved communities by providing resources, education, and civic engagement, and through building a network of individuals dedicated to the creation of justice, equality, and unity in our community.


Our Methods

Social Justice: We engage and educate the community on policy, legislative initiatives, and reform while connecting community members with opportunities to participate in local governance.


Restorative Justice: We receive recommendations from the community on issues of policing, gun violence, and community engagement to make sure Black Americans are never killed or assaulted again. We hold decision-makers accountable to our community.

Transformative Justice: We commit to the ongoing development of all members of the community, and the community itself, to transform the political conditions that reinforce oppression and violence.

Leaders Of Kenosha

About Us

We are located out of the southeastern corner of Wisconsin,  right off of Lake Michigan.

Our city is the hub between two major cities of Milwaukee and Chicago. Kenosha County streaches far west transitioning from city life info farm and country land. Our wide variety of citizens makes for a unique set of diversity.



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