City Representatives

Kenosha, WI

City of Kenosha

Mayor of Kenosha John Antaramian

City of Kenosha Administrator John Morrissey

Kenosha Common Council

Kenosha Districts

District 1      Eric J. Haugaard  262-721-8245

District 2      Bill Siel  262-657-3434

District 3      Jan Michalski   262-652-0948

District 4      Holly Kangas  262.771.2282

District 5      Rocco J. Lamacchia, Sr.  262.945.7280

District 6      Brandi Ferree  262.358.8408

District 7      Kelly MacKay  262.358.8353

District 8      David Mau  262.358.8144

District 9      Keith W. Rosenberg   262.914.5337 

District 10      Anthony Kennedy   262.496.1460

District 11      Rollin Pizzala  262.705.6463

District 12      Ruth Dyson  262.654.4888

District 13      Curt Wilson   262.654.1445

District 14      Daniel Prozanski Jr.   262.237.0971

District 15      Jack Rose   262.605.9038

District 16      Dominic Ruffalo   262.945.0442

District 17      David F. Bogdala   262.697.8385

Five members appointed by the Mayor of Kenosha

  1. Richard M. Gallo – Term expires 1st Monday in May, 2023

  2. Shebaniah Muhammad – Term expires 1st Monday in May, 2024

  3. Geri R. Cucunato – Term expires 1st Monday in May, 2025

  4. Helen Schumacher – Term expires 1st Monday in May2026

  5. Pam Drummond – Term expires 1st Monday in May, 2027

Responsible for

  • Solely responsible for appointing the Police Chief and Fire Chief

  • Approves appointment of new police officers as well as promotions in both departments

  • Ability to set the qualifications for police officers and firefighters; must pass a written test for new officers/firefighters

  • Convening disciplinary hearings if charges are filed by the Police Chief, Fire Chief, and all citizen against a police officer or firefighter 

    • Said candidate must be a resident of the City of Kenosha

Chairman, Mayor John M. Antaramian

CC President Designee, Ald. Dan Prozanski Jr. – 4/24

Public Works Representative, Ald. David Bogdala – 4/24

Park Representative, Ald. Jan Michalski – 4/24

Charles Bradley- 2023

Veronica Flores- 2023

Mark Bourque – 2024

Michael Foster – 2024

Stephen Retherford – 2025

 Vacant – 2022

Responsible for

  • Making and adopting a Master Plan for the physical development of the municipality

  • Making reports and recommendations relating to the plan and development of the city

  • Holding public meetings and hearings

  • Recommendations to the Common Council amendments, supplements, or modifications of the Master Plan or other land-use regulations

Terms expire June 7th

Sharon Acerbi – 2022

Janice Erickson Eisenhauer – 2023

Michael Johnson, Jr. – 2023

Amy Lonergan – 2024

Bruce McCurdy – 2025

James D. Hawkins – 2027

CONTACT Emily Roach

Responsible for

  • Reviewing and commenting on the director of Human Resources proposals for new and regulations or for amendments to existing and regulations authorized the governing ordinance

  • Serves as an appeals body to hear appeals from disciplinary actions

  • After hearing an appeal, the commission shall have the authority to affirm, reverse, or modify the action of the appointing official