Inauguration Day

January 20th, 2021 is the day that Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United State, alongside Vice President Kamala Harris. The ceremony will take place in Washington D.C.

First Day of Black History Month

From February 1st to March 1st, 2021, the knowledge of history and culture should be shared. In more recent times, social injustices are being fought daily by many across the world. Take time to learn something new, talk with one another, and learn from each other. We have some links you may like! African […]

Revoke Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse has proven to be a danger to our community with no regard for the law, his bond conditions, or human lives. He murdered two people in our community and wounded a third, and now, with no one holding him accountable, he is becoming further emboldened and seemingly proud of his actions. Rittenhouse has […]

First Day of Women’s History Month

The¬†19th Amendment¬†granted women the right to vote in Federal elections in 1920. The Women's History Week project was passing through Congress in early 1981. The United States Congress eventually passed the law of Women's History Month in 1987. Just over 100 years ago women had just received the right to vote, now they are fighting […]

Black History Forever; Facts, Film, & Fun!

The Vault 625 57th St., Kenosha, WI

Black History Month ends February 28th, but the true history of Black culture in the world continues every day. More importantly, our acknowledgment of these leaps in history is key in keeping the fight going for our future generations. Join us for a night of trivia, Black activist history, & a socially distanced dinner. The […]


Breonna Taylor Day

Downtown Racine Monument Square Monument Square, Racine

As Breonna Taylor's death date approaches us as we standing in solidarity with family and friends in Kentucky Louisville let's standing up to make awareness of her name. Starting on March 13, 2021 Change is coming will host an Event and Awareness for her and keep her name alive and present. As we come together […]


ENOUGH IS ENOUGH; A Call To End Police Brutality

Kenosha Police Department

The amount of violence in our county is growing monumentally. We the people must come together and DEMAND JUSTICE! Come out to our rally and march with your signs and your VOICES! #demandjustice #nojusticenopeace

Kenosha Community Clean Up

Lincoln Park 6900 18th Ave, Kenosha, WI

KENOSHA! Come out and make Kenosha beautiful with LOK & BLOC As the weather warms up, more and more trash is visible around the city. We have the responsibility to keep our community clean and striving! Join us on Memorial Day weekend to pick up trash around Kenosha. We will be meeting at the old […]


Justice For Jacob Blake STILL

Civic Center Park 900 57th Street, Kenosha, WI

If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up here-> It has been one year since the attempted murder of Jacob Blake, leaving him paralyzed. Join us as we continue to demand that Officer Rusten Sheskey, who is STILL an active duty police officer in the City of Kenosha, be fired, charged, and convicted, […]